South Dakota has recently opened up the legal sale of all CBD products. This has flooded the market with new options of flavors, brands, oils, pills, creams, and more. But did you know that CBD is also available for pets?

While we are starting to understand how CBD works in the human body, but we don’t have a full understanding of how it works in pets and dogs. What we do know, is that we’ve seen literal miracles and transformations happen in animals with severe anxiety, arthritis, and recovery from surgery.

The EndoCannabinoid System (ECS)

The ECS is found generally in our body’s central nervous system. This is where CBD really shines. While we continue to learn more about human ECS, less is known about how the system works in animals. But studies are being done all the time, and recently, it’s been found that canines have a very active ECS, especially in times of trauma and recovery.

An active and responsive ECS can mean that CBD is highly effective at dealing with a variety of issues common to pets, especially as they age.

CBD options for pets

Like humans, CBD for pets come in a variety of options. Different brands offer different flavors, like chicken or beef. There are pet treats for cats and dogs, chewable that have CBD inside them, and more creative options are being released all the time. But the most effective way to give your dog CBD is CBD oil.

Different brands will have different dosing recommendations, but it’s important to always start small and work your way up to see how your pet reacts. With our 30 lbs poodle, (she’s still a baby), we give her 1/2 mL twice a day. This equates to 3/4mg of CBD each time. We’ve noticed our dogs puppy anxiety around new people relax a lot.

The great thing about CBD for pets is you can scale up or down as needed and you can start or stop as needed. There is no need to ween your pet off or on unlike some vet prescribed medications. It’s also extremely easy to give your pet CBD. Most often, they are willing participants when lapping up the flavored oil. And of course, what pet doesn’t love a tasty treat!

All of our CBD products are 100% THC-free. There is no risk of your dog ‘getting high’ and typically there are no adverse side effects. CBD is used just like a vitamin for natural support of their EndoCannabinoid System.

Want to try some of pet CBD? You can view our full line of pet CBD here. Got questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime!

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