Many of our products have come to our shelves by way of necessity. Meaning myself, or one of our friends or a family needed came to us and said, “Can you make me something to help with [insert thing]?” Our most popular product is no different. This is a story of how it’s got the name, Miracle Muscles.

A few years ago I embarked on a journey to start exercising. I started by running a mile, then 3 miles, and eventually fell into training for a full marathon. Marathon training is no small feat. On weekends, long runs can be as intense as 18 or 20 miles. To be honest, anything over ten was a challenge for me. These long runs left my legs feeling less than 100%.

It was at this point when I asked my wife to make me a herbal remedy for my sore muscles. She knew just what I needed. By that next weekend, she has whipped up a creamy magnesium lotion with a special concoction of Arnica herb and Dandelion oil. After a 15 mile run, she had me soak in a bath with her blend of magnesium bath salts and gave me this new lotion to rub on my legs.

I’m not sure how to say… I don’t like lotion. I don’t like the way it feels. It always leaves my hands greasy, and I’ve tried other magnesium creams before. They’ve always been stiff and don’t really ‘soak’ into my skin well. This was NOT my experience with this. It absorbed great, didn’t smell bad, and didn’t leave my hands or legs feeling greasy at all! But the real test was if it would work.

The next morning, I expected to not move. This was the day after my longest run ever and in the long run I did leave me totally incapacitated the following day. But this time, I was able to pop out of bed with vigor! While my legs were still sore, they truly felt healed. I ran, literally jumped my way down the stairs, to profess to my wife we have to call new lotion ‘Miracle Muscles’.

This magnesium cream has been a top seller in our store since it’s release. We continue to hear stories from customers who have used this for sore knees, back pain, arthritis, stretched muscles, knots, and more! It’s been a true lifesaver for me and for so many others.

And that’s the story of how our store’s most popular product got its name. Click here to view this product. You can read more about my marathon journey with my

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