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Lotion, Butter, Salve: What’s the Difference?

Lotion, Butter, or Salve, what’s the difference? As we battle the cold weather during the winter months, our skin can take a beating. There are many options for moisturizers and choosing one that fits your preferences best is key to hydrating your skin! Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common options.

Lotions are typically lighter in weight and contain water or aloe. These products are for light moisturizing regimens. They work great for quick rehydration during the day but require reapplication often, especially during the dry winter months. Lotions absorb quickly, they can be a great option for a quick hydrating boost throughout the day and don’t usually have a greasy feeling.

At room temperature, body butter is a solid lotion that melts when in contact with your skin. In most cases, these are all oil or butter based. This means no water is added, giving them a dense feel as compared to lotions. Body butter can leave you feeling a little greasy and is best applied at night or right after a shower while your pores are open and your skin is damp and ready to absorb the oils of the product. Butter is a good choice in the winter, especially if you have severely dry skin and want deep hydration.

Salves are herbal-infused nourishment that is designed to help treat specific ailments. Our salves contain herbal oils and infusions plus beeswax to help solidify the final product. These can be used on specific areas of the body or face. Salves are great for dealing with red, blotchy skin, or dry, itchy skin around the nose or elbows. These are perfect to pair with lotions and body butter for a full-body regimen. We call these salves the secret weapon to skin hydration and battling the extra tough spots. Some specific salve types examples include our eczema salve, dry and scaly skin salve, menstrual cramp salve, and our most popular Hippie Healer (for general scraps, cuts, and burns).

We carry all 3 of these types of products in our store and hope this helps you choose the proper nourishment for your dry skin!


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