• Post labor and birth can bring pain, especially in second/third and beyond deliveries. This is an herbal tincture that can help you manage the pain and help the uterus shrink back down.
  • Dandelion is a well known digestive herb, and a few drops can be taken before meals to prevent gas and after meals for heartburn.  It’s also known as a cleansing herb, that supports healthy liver and kidney function.  The same cleansing action is used as a blood purifier, that can help reduce blood cholesterol.
  • Elderberry Wellness Syrup is formulated to bring natural and soothing relief for seasonal distress. The Wellness Syrup contains equal amounts of elderberry extract and soothing, delicious honey, perfectly spiced with analgesic cloves to coat your sore throat. Cinnamon adds an extra kick of relief.

    Wellness Syrup tastes great! The recommended serving is one to two teaspoons several times a day.

  • Make your own syrup kit! Just cook and add your own honey to taste.
  • Energizing Adaptogens* An energizing adaptogenic formula that supports your adrenal system and boosts stamina and endurance.*

      1. Clean herbal energy—no stimulants*

      2. Enhances adaptability to stress*

      3. Restores mental alertness & protects from the depleting effects of stress*

      4. Energizing adaptogens to enhance your well-being*

    Suggested use: 2.5 ml (1/2 tsp) up to 3 times per day. Not to be used during pregnancy.

  • To help concentration, these herbs are certified organic and hand-harvested at their peak potency and processed in small batches to maintain the optimal quality of the plant.

    ELEMENTS: Tulsi* leaf, (O. sanctum), ginkgo* leaf, (G. biloba), gotu-kola* leaf, (C. asiatica), rosemary*, (R. officinalis), lavender*, (L. officinalis) in brandy and water with peppermint* and madia* flower essence. Extracted 1:2  *Organic

  • An herbal tonic that combines immune-toning herbs and medicinal mushrooms to ensure that your immune system is functioning optimally. Certified Organic. Gluten Free.

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