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    Medium Gift Box is a great arrangement of our classic Juniper products. It comes with a 2oz shower spray in Relief, 4oz Waverly Whipped Soap, Vanilla Lip Balm, 2oz Magnolia Body Butter and 2 chocolate pieces. Awaken Shower spray is a blend of lemon, lavender & peppermint. It's similar to a shower steamer. Simply spray on the walls of your shower before getting in, turn on the water and let the steam release the scent into the shower. It adds a spa like experience to your shower. Waverly Whipped Soap is one of our most popular whipped soap scents. It's a warm blend of Sandalwood, Vanilla & Lavender essential oils. Whipped Soap can be used like shower gel with a loofa. It lathers up well and hydrate as it cleanses the skin. Magnolia Body Butter is a sweet, warming scent. It's sweet yet slightly floral and a very light scent. Body butter is an oil based lotion. Like room temperature butter, it melts on contact with your skin. Hydrating and nourishing. Since it is oil based, a little goes a long way. Vanilla lip balm is our most popular lip balm. 2 chocolate pieces
  • Mini Gift Box is a perfect little gift for anyone in your life. It comes with a 2oz Hand Cream which a nourishing light cream that has no added scent. A vanilla lip balm Chocolate Kiss
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    Small gift box is a perfect mix of everything that is popular at Juniper. It comes with a 2oz Waverly Body Lotion, 2oz Magnolia Whipped Soap, Vanilla Lip Balm and Chocolate. Waverly Body Lotion is a light, quick absorbing but still nourishing body/hand lotion. It is an essential oil blend of Sandalwood, Vanilla & Lavender, a warm light scent. Magnolia Whipped Soap is our most popular whipped soap. It's a light scent that is sweet yet slightly floral. Whipped soap can be used like a shower gel with a loofa. It lathers up well and hydrates skin as it cleanses. Vanilla lip balm is our most popular hydrating lip balm. Comes with a chocolate truffle.


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