Rosebuds & Petals


Rosebuds can be used in a host of beneficial applications. They make a beautiful addition to herbal potpourirs, sachets, pillow mixes, and body sprays. Roses have been valued for their beauty, perfume, and healthful properties for hundreds of years. Our pink rose buds are harvested from organic stands.

Body Oil and Potpourri recipe below


Product Info

Botanical Name: Rosa centifolia
Origin: Morocco

1.5 oz. net wt

Natural Aromatic Poutpourri

  1. Separately, dry some lavender flowers, some rosemary, and some orange peel. (Usually 3-4 days)
  2. In a bowl, combine one cup of dried rose petals, one-half cup of dried lavender, and one-quarter cup of dried rosemary. Add one-eighth teaspoon of ground cloves and cinnamon, plus dried rosebuds and orange peels. Add a few drops of rose or lavender oil. Add one-quarter teaspoon of fixative like crushed orris root*. Orris root can be found in many health food and herbal stores. Mix well. 
  3. Pour the mixture into a Mason jar. Cover the mouth with Saran wrap. Store the jar in a cool dark place for 6 weeks. 
  4. In 6 weeks the mixture will be blended. Transfer to a bowl or use the lid to be removed when you want to release the fragrance. You can also sew the mixture into small bags to put into drawers, closets, or storage boxes. 

*You can use alternatives if you don’t want to use a fixative.

  • Gum benzoin, myrrh, and frankincense
  • Cinnamon powder and sticks
  • Cloves and nutmeg
  • Cumin, coriander, and angelica seeds
  • Vanilla pods
  • Oakmoss
  • Chamomile flowers
  • Geranium roots
  • Leaves of cistus and lemon verbena
  • Oils of sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, and ylang ylang

Rose Body Oil

  1. 1/4 rosebud and petals
  2. 1 cup olive or avocado oil
  3. mix together and let sit in a dark cabinet for 4-6 weeks, mixing occasionally
  4. strain thoroughly

Use it as a pleasantly aromatic moisturizer. Great for use as a face moisturizer!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

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