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This week’s theme: Dry skin.

This week we’re discussing cold months and dry skin. It’s commonly known that the winter months can wreak havoc on our skin. Indoor heating and low-humidity leaves can leave our skin dry and scaly. Making us feel itchy and uncomfortable. Sometimes after a refreshing shower or face wash, our skin can feel tight, making us believe it’s supple and smooth skin. When reality, its drying skin is depleted of its precious natural oils. In short, your skin needs moisturizing! Here are a few quick tips to keep your skin moisturized during the last few months of winter and some ways to keep it looking healthy and hydrated.

– 1 –
Moisturize Daily
Obviously, this is the first tip. There are lots of options for skin moisturizing, however.
We cover some of the differences between lotions, butter, and salves in this post, but
the best thing to keep in mind is the severity of your dry skin. Tight itchy skin needs more
aggressive moisturizing, so lean towards a body butter or salve at bedtime for this.

– 2 –

Limit extremely hot water and soap
Yes, you should still shower and bathe regularly. However, limiting your exposure to
extremely hot water and avoiding detergent-based products that strip your skin of its
natural oils can drastically improve the hydration of your skin. Plus, you’ll save money
on the utility bill by running your water heater just a bit less! Immediately following a
shower or bath, lather up with a solid base body butter to keep your skin protected.

– 3 –
Adding a humidifier to your room can help your skin retain moisture and be less prone to
drying out. Make sure, however, to follow your manufacturer’s instructions and change the
water regularly to avoid mold and fungi.

– 4 –
Keep covered up!
Our skin really takes a beating from the cold and windy days. Keeping bundled up in
layers and not exposing our skin (including our face and lips) to the elements will be a
game changer for dry skin issues.

– 5 –
Vitamin D
Vitamin D largely comes from our sun. But in the winter, not only is the sun at an extreme
angle but our skin is mostly covered up! Or at least it should be (see point 4!). We aren’t
big fans of supplements when they aren’t necessary, but in the winter, daily Vitamin D
supplements can improve your body’s ability to retain moisture, improve mental health,
focus, and even sleep. Here is our favorite.

Hopefully, by following some of the suggestions above, you’ll be able to cruise through the rest of this winter with healthy, moisturized skin! We have a full line of moisturizing products you can find here.

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