Our Philosophy

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From the beginning, we’ve strived to create a holistic shopping experience that includes products to meet every individual where they are. Finding natural, safe, handmade alternatives can be a challenge today. So many companies advertise a holistic product offering, but few pull through.

While our products certainly aren’t perfect, it’s an ongoing effort to research all our ingredients and use the best available options for natural preservatives, oils, and herbs. Everyone finds themselves in a different space when it comes to natural living and using natural products.

Some people are open to the idea of using an alternative deodorant cream, while others…aren’t. And that’s OKAY! We’re here to support you wherever you are in switching from mainstream products to natural products.

Got questions about our products? Send us a message! We’ll be happy to help.

Meet our Family

Life is a crazy blessing. When we started this business we had just 3 kids with our youngest being barely a year old! Since then, we’ve added two more babies to our family. Brittany is the master maker and herbalist. Joshua helps with content, website, and label design. And together, we raise our 5 beautiful kids to know God and love with our hearts, and live by the fruits of the spirit.

As if we weren’t crazy enough, we homeschool all 5 of our kids! Just like our approach to business, we adopt an untraditional approach of unschooling. This means at any given time you might see our kids engaging in various tasks around the store. Helping customers, coloring new signs, labeling products, and more.

Things get a little hectic around here. But it’s the life we’ve chosen and we are blessed for every moment we have. Stop into our store or follow us on social media @juniperapothecary to see more about our family life!

Kids: Briella (9), Beckett (8), Freya (5), Wilder (3), and Nora (~1)

Meet the Maker

Brittany Sopko - Herbalist

Hi! I’m Brittany, the owner, and creator of Juniper Apothecary. Many people ask if I have a background as a chemist or another science field. While I’m not formally in these disciplines, I’ve been making natural products for our family for nearly ten years. In 2019, I completed an herbalist class from the Herbal Academy. This gave me the foundation to confidently use a variety of natural herbs in our products and create custom formulations for a variety of products we make and sell in our store.

I’m always researching and testing new products, paying attention to ingredients, and creating custom formulations. I’d love to hear your thoughts on products you love!
Send me a message or stop in sometime to chat. <3

You can also follow me personally on Instagram at @brittanysopko.

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