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New website, new opportunities!

Wow. This has been a project! Thank you so much for not only visiting our website, but for taking the time to check out our blog and see what’s new. 

Well, it might not seem like much on the outside, but we’ve got a brand-new website! I shouldn’t say it’s not much on the outside, because it is. It’s an entirely new, fresh design from the ground up. Not only did we redesign the home page and the product page, but we also have a brand new (killer) menu, a slick new shopping cart page, and… (drumroll please) … a sweet new checkout process.

If you’ve shopped with us for any length of time, you’ve likely used our past website. And let’s be real, it wasn’t that bad. It was useable, functional, and overall had a decent look. But one gripe we’ve had is the cart and checkout process. It was clunky, poorly designed, and just didn’t have a good flow. Our new checkout is simplified, streamlined, and easy. Don’t believe me? see for yourself!

With that said, we’ll be continuing to work on this ever-changing project. There are some new features that we’ll be adding in the coming weeks. Features like:

  • Integrated Loyalty rewards
  • Abandoned Cart Notification
  • Loss Leader Headlines
  • Email Signup Rewards
  • Reviews

There is such a potential for having a branded online experience that matches our physical retail space. This is just the start and we’re so thankful you’re with us on this journey! Stay tuned for more fun updates and more resources being added to our blog!

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