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Ship the Country – We need your help!

We first started making products in the kitchen of a small house in Tea, SD. When we decided to start selling them publicly, we opened a little website and made a Facebook post (we even did free delivery around our Sioux Falls area!). Our first post went crazy and we spent two days in the car driving around delivering packages around town! That was a lesson learned to just let the post office handle our shipping!

As we’ve grown into a brick and retail store, we still do about 40% of our business online. We’ve seen steady growth and steady reach over the years but we want to take it a step further. There are a few states we ship to regularly, like our neighboring states Minnesota and Iowa. But it never ceases to amaze us when we get orders from all over, even Alaska! It got us thinking, “How can we reach more people?”

We LOVE hearing the reviews on our products and how they are truly helping people. Our Miracle Muscles and Sleep Creams have helped countless people with sore muscles and have provided much relief from restless legs. One user has even said it’s stopped his snoring and he can sleep in the same room as his wife again! So when we say we want to reach more people, it’s not so we can make more money. Yes, this business feeds our family, but more than that, it’s changing people’s lives. We think that’s pretty cool. And it’s the motivation behind this campaign to ship to every state.

Here’s how it works: Starting today, we’re zeroing out the map. We’ve set a goal to ship a package to every state in the country. At the end of each week, we’ll update the map with the state colored in that we shipped to that week. Here is where you come in. Our customers have the reach to share our products all across the country. So we’re asking if you’ll tell your friends who live in Utah, Idaho, Tennessee, Florida, Wisconsin, and even our friends in California and Hawaii (and everywhere in between)! We’ll drop a pin for each city we ship to as well, so you can see the impact directly from the people you tell!

We’ll be launching some incentives and prizes throughout this campaign, so make sure to check back along the way. Keep up with this fun campaign throughout our social media. Follow us on both Instagram and Facebook and tell a friend about what we’re doing! #shipthecountry #juniperapothecary

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